The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is a comedy with music written by Neil Simon. It consists of a series of short plays, based on short stories and other works of Russian writer Anton Chekhov, framed by a writer making comments on them.

Project Start Date: 2019-05-16

Project End Date: 2019-08-16

About This Project

“The Good Doctor,” a comedy with music by Neil Simon, stands out as a remarkable theatrical piece, showcasing a series of short plays inspired by the works of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov. These plays are ingeniously interconnected by a writer who comments on them, adding an insightful and humorous layer to the narrative. This structure not only celebrates Chekhov’s legacy but also highlights Simon’s adeptness at blending comedy with literary depth.

The production, directed by Hamed Janali, adopted an innovative approach, presenting the play as a playreading with minimal acting. This format allowed the audience to concentrate on the script’s nuances and the emotions conveyed through the spoken word. Janali’s direction brought a unique interpretation to this classic, making it accessible and engaging for a modern audience.

Produced by the Nomad Art Group, the play’s realization was a three-month collaborative effort, culminating in a production that resonated with audiences. The commitment of the team was evident in the seamless integration of every aspect of the play, from its adaptation and direction to the final staging and performance.

The crew of “The Good Doctor” played a pivotal role in its success.The team included:

Director: Hamed Janali


Light Designer: Ehsan Aliverdi

Operator and Video Artist: Farid Masjedi

Set Designer and Project Manager: Salar Mohamad Hosseyni.

Their collective talent and dedication attracted an audience of 300 people, a testament to the play’s appeal and the group’s reputation for quality productions. The success of this playreading not only showcased the individual talents involved but also underscored the timeless humor and relevance of Chekhov’s works, as interpreted through Neil Simon’s creative vision.

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